7 Way To Make You Rich

I am gonna tell you something unique, that is seven way to make you guys awesome Rich person. But, before we start to talk about it. I wanna say sorry for my bad english. Most of you gonna thing that my articles is purely form Google translate. Yes, I use that Tool but I can guarantee you I Edited it my self. back to our topic, This is 7 Way To make You Rich :

Habits Say Thanks

This is a special habit that can change lives for the better always. Even religion encourages us to be grateful not only good things, but also in distress and bad days. No big secret behind the gratitude that has been proven throughout history. Hellen Keller who was blind and deaf since the age of two years, has become well-known and admired throughout the world.

One of the many words that motivate people is I am grateful for the flaws I found myself, my work and my Lord It's hard to give thanks to all `kesusahan`,` kegagalan`, hambatan` or `kekurangan` and the like. But we can learn gradually. Begin to appreciate life, grateful thanks, kesyihatan, family, friends and so on. Eventually we could even grateful for distress and bad situation.

Positive Thinking Habits

"You are what you think!" Life shaped by what we think about most often. If always think positive, we tend to be personal positive. The characteristics of positive thoughts, always leads to truth, goodness, compassion, hope and joy. Frequently monitor what is being contemplated. When immersed in negative thoughts, control immediately in a positive direction. Make positive thinking as a habit and see how many positive things as a habit and see how many positive things that will be experienced.

Sowing Seeds habits

Sow the seeds of this principle applies in life. In time we will `` menuai` what we tabur`. Sow egoism, hatred between groups, laziness, gossip, incitement, provocations and the like and ....... look at it and see what will be harvested. Imagine how rich life when stocked always a seed of goodness. Conversely, how poor when the industrious sowing is evil.

Empathize habits

The ability to relate to others is a valuable advantages. And one important element in dealing with others is empathy, the ability or sensitivity to look at from the point of view of others. People who tend to empathize can feel the feelings of others, understand the desires and capture the motive behind the attitudes of others. This contrasts with the selfish attitude, which would require attention and understand other people.

Although not everyone is easy to empathize, but we can learn to get used to perform actions empathetic. For example, be a good listener, learn to put yourself in the shoes of others, learn to do first what we want others to do to us.

Putting Habits Important

Think about what is most important, and dahulukanlah! Do not let life get caught up in things that are not important while important matters neglected. Begin to sort out which are important and which one is not. Prioritize important habits would make life more effective and productive and affect the self-image.

Acting habits

If we already have the knowledge, it has the objective to be achieved and already have an awareness of what to do. The next step, ie, act! Get used to appreciate the time, resist laziness by being active. Most people fail in life because too controlled `impian` and only has a goal, but failed to move! "A journey of thousand Miles begins with a single step!"

Applicable habits Honest

Honesty is part of a whole person. Dishonesty undermine self-esteem and our own future. Begin accustomed to being honest, not only to themselves but also to others. Start telling the truth, despite the risk. When forced to lie, control lies little by little.

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